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Halitosis - What is Halitosis? - Dental Care - About.com
Mar 13, 2007 ... Learn what halitosis is and how you can treat and prevent halitosis.
What Causes Bad Breath? - Dental Care - About.com
Feb 16, 2009 ... Halitosis, known as bad breath to most, is an embarrassing condition that can affect anyone. Learn about the common causes of bad breath ...
How Do I Prevent Bad Breath? - Dental Care - About.com
Feb 16, 2009 ... The following guidelines will help you eliminate or significantly reduce your halitosis. If you experience chronic bad breath, see your dentist or ...
14 Simple Tips for Reducing Mouth Odor - About Holistic Healing
Bad breath, morning breath, breath odor or halitosis are all terms used to describe a noticeably unpleasant odor exhaled on the breath. Halitosis is not a ...
Chronic Bad Breath in Dogs - Halitosis in Dogs - About.com
Halitosis is the medical term used to describe an offensive odor that comes from the mouth, producing bad breath. A number of causes may be responsible for ...
Bad Breath Halitosis - Senior Health - About.com
Information about the causes of bad brath, also known as halitosis and information on ways to prevent it and treat it.
Bad Breath - Causes of Bad Breath - Ear Nose and Throat Disorders
Jun 8, 2009 ... Halitosis or bad breath is not only a concern for you, but may affect how others interact with you. Dental problems are not the only causes of bad ...
Home Remedies for Bad Breath - Alternative Medicine - About.com
Feb 8, 2008 ... Bad breath (halitosis) is a condition characterized by consistent unpleasant breath odor. Many conditions, such as postnasal drip, chronic ...
Bad Breath and Teenagers - What Teens can do About Bad Breath
Sep 10, 2007 ... According to dental studies, about 85% of people with persistent bad breath (also known as halitosis) have a dental condition that is to blame.
Halitosis - Glossary Definition of Dental Term - Halitosis - Dental Care
Jun 6, 2007 ... Definition: Halitosis is a clinical name for bad breath. According to dental studies, about 85% of people with bad breath have a dental condition ...
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