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Can I Access My Dental Records?


Updated June 01, 2010

Question: Can I Access My Dental Records?

I will be the first to admit that when my dentists leaves the room, I'm just dying to take a look at my chart, but I'm afraid to get caught doing so. Should I feel that way, I mean, it's my information isn't it?


Information contained in your dental record is in fact, available for you to view. The HIPAA Privacy Rule clearly defines how you, yourself, can use your information. More specifically, you may:

  • Request to view your personal dental records and if you want, you may request a copy of your information for your own records.
  • You may also request to have corrections made to your dental records.
  • If you want to know exactly how your information is being used, you may request a notice that explains how your information is used and shared.
  • You may decide whether or not your health information is shared with marketing agencies.
  • You may request a report explaining when and why your information was shared for a specific purpose.

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