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Ingredients to Keep Your Smile in Top Shape


Updated May 23, 2012


Contains sulphur compounds and reduces certain bacteria that causes tooth decay.


Helps you to produce extra saliva. Combine that with citric acid and you have an all-natural bacteria fighting mouthwash. Also contains Vitamin C and the enzyme Bromelain, promoting a healing alkaline response in the mouth.


Pronounced “KEEN-wah” and is a super grain with a load of minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Phosphorus to strengthen teeth.


A great source of Vitamin D making it easier for teeth to get the full power of calcium from foods you are eating.

Sea Salt

Offers a blend of minerals needed to mineralize and strengthen teeth. Himalayan or Celtic is suggested.

Sesame Seeds

These “little scrubbers” reduce plaque, and due to their calcium content provide a necessary mineral for teeth. Nuts in general have a high pH, thus are protective for teeth by managing pH balance in the mouth.

Shitaki Mushrooms

Contain a sugar called Lentinan, which prevents mouth bacteria from growing.


A natural sweetener that does not have an “acid effect” on your teeth like sugar.


Great “scrubbers,” high in fiber and lots of Vitamin C, which is great for gum health.


A Japanese version of horseradish, which contains compounds called isothiocyanates to arrest bacteria growth.


A sugar substitute that studies show prevents tooth decay. It is very beneficial in gum and mint form.

*This is not an all-inclusive list of every food that’s great for your oral heath, but a listing of all the key “super-smile” ingredients.

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