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Dr. Bill Blair - President of the NHL Team Dentists Association


Updated October 07, 2009

Dr. Bill Blair - President of the NHL Team Dentists Association

Dr. Bill Blair

Photo: © Shawn Watson

About Dr. Bill Blair:

Born in small town Saskatchewan, Canada, Dr. Blair graduated in 1969 with a degree in dentistry from the University of Alberta. 2009 marks Dr. Blair's 40th year of serving patients in his dental practice in Calgary, Alberta.

Aside from general dentistry, Dr. Blair has been the dentist for the National Hockey league team the Calgary Flames, since 1985.

Professional Accomplishments:

Dr. Blair has served as President of the Calgary District and Dental Society, President of the Alberta Dental Association, as well as Executive Council Member for the Canadian Dental Association.

Currently the President of the NHL Team Dentist Association, Dr. Blair is a consultant in Forensic Odontology to the Chief Medical Examiner in Alberta, Canada, as well the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Calgary Police Service and Chief Coroner of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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