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Can I Eat Candy If I Have a Crown Or Bridge?


Updated June 16, 2014

Can I Eat Candy If I Have a Crown Or Bridge?
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Question: Can I Eat Candy If I Have a Crown Or Bridge?
We all can admit to indulging in our favorite candy bars or morsels, but for people that have a crown or bridge, eating that piece of candy can be quite disastrous to your crowns and/or bridges.

Eating candy when you have a crown or bridge should be avoided. Apart from the destruction that sugar has on your teeth and gums, candy can cause a number of problems for people that have a crown or bridge, such as:

  • Breaking or Chipping the Porcelain - Porcelain crowns and bridges are used regularly in dentistry. They are made to sustain the normal forces that are common with eating, but certain types of candy can cause the porcelain to chip or break when you try to bite down on hard candy. Hard mints, candy covered nuts and peanut brittle are specifically damaging to porcelain crowns and bridges, because they require a great amount of force to break apart the candy. A fractured piece of porcelain off a crown or bridge requires the fabrication of a new restoration.
  • Lifting or Loosening of the Crown or Bridge - Sticky candy, such as caramels, toffee, and gummy-type candy can stick to the teeth while you are biting down on it. In some cases, the force it takes to pry the teeth apart can loosen the bond between the crown or bridge and the cement used to secure the restoration on your teeth. A loose crown or bridge invites bacteria and sugars into the space between the tooth and crown, possibly causing the prepared tooth underneath to decay. Besides tooth decay, a loose crown or bridge will eventually completely loosen, causing the restoration to fall off the tooth. Depending on when the crown or bridge falls off, the potential for choking or chipping your other teeth becomes greater, because a loose crown or bridge can fall off while you are sleeping or when you are eating.

It is best to select soft candy if you are seeking a sweet treat. Always remember to brush and floss your teeth after eating candy, especially in the case of a bridge. Flossing underneath a bridge after eating soft candy will remove any extra sugars from the area under the bridge where the teeth are missing.

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