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Where Can I Find Free Printable Dental Games and Puzzles?


Updated June 09, 2014

Where Can I Find Free Printable Dental Games and Puzzles?
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Question: Where Can I Find Free Printable Dental Games and Puzzles?
Games, puzzles, word search -- there are several quiet dental activities that are plenty of fun for the older children in your home or organization.
Answer: Below, you will find links to free printable dental games and puzzles. With the help of an adult or older child, these activities can be made friendly for children of all ages, but those in grade one or above will find the most enjoyment from these dental games, and puzzles.

Dental Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe is a timeless game that is fun and easy to play. Print out this page and cut out the game pieces to see if the floss or the toothbrush will win the game.

The Dental Health Challenge

Test your dental health knowledge with this short quiz on dental care and your mouth.

Dental Crossword Puzzles

Practice now for the mother of all crossword puzzles -- The New York Times Crossword Puzzle -- by printing out this dental health crossword puzzle for your young wordsmith. Do you know of a ten-letter word for a paste made for cleaning your teeth?

If you're looking for more practice, give one of these dental crossword puzzles a try:

Dental Health Alphabet Activity

Quick! Who can put these dental words in alphabetical order first? Ready, get set, go!

Dental Health Vocabulary

Test your dental health vocabulary by completing this challenging activity. Do you know what "enamel" is? I will give you only one hint...

Dental Health Word Search

Don't let your eyes fool you, because there really are 10 dental health words hidden deep within this letter jungle.

President's Day Fill In The Blank

Test your presidential knowledge with this free, printable fill-in-the-blank that has a dental twist.

Do You Know Their Job?

Every tooth in your mouth has a specific job to do. Are you able to pair each job to the right tooth?

Connect The Dots

This simple dental connect-the-dot printable game will help your little ones develop their hand-eye coordination.

Sugar Bug Doug's Dental Maze [PDF]

Help this toothbrush weave through this mind-boggling maze and eliminate all of the sugar bugs.
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