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Sugar Free Xylitol

The Benefits of Sugar Free Xylitol


Updated January 23, 2011

Sugar Free Xylitol
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Sugar free candy alternatives that contain xylitol are a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and benefit your teeth at the same time. Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet will help to reduce the instance of tooth decay for not only yourself, but also your loved one's.

The festive holiday season is a time to offer your gift of thanks. When shopping for a simple gift, many people opt for the traditional box of chocolates, or package up their home made baked goods to give as a gift, all of which are generally packed full of cavity causing sugar.

Valentine's Day is traditionally a time to impress that special "someone" with a lavish gift, romantic dinner, and the traditional box of chocolates that has been exquisitely wrapped with silky, red satin, in a heart shaped box. Children, on the other hand, could care less how the candy is wrapped, as long as it is sweet enough to satisfy their sugar craving; bring it on. Now, enter Halloween night. After a long night of trick-or-treating, children return home with mounds of candy that could last an entire year!

Considering sugar is the fuel that feeds the bacteria that causes plaque and ultimately tooth decay, why not consider a treat that has been sweetened with sugar free xylitol?

Known for it's close comparison to sugar in taste and volume, sugar free xylitol has been shown to reduce tooth decay, stop the progression of existing decay, and in some cases reverse existing tooth decay that was previously detected in the tooth.

The bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay is not able to utilize xylitol as a energy source. If used on a regular basis; three to five times daily, sugar free xylitol will prevent the bacteria from multiplying, resulting in less plaque accumulation. The occurrence of decay will decrease due to the absence of the acid produced from plaque.

The most common place you will find xylitol is in sugar free chewing gum. You can also indulge in chocolate that is sweetened with xylitol and hard, novelty type candy that has all the sweet sugary goodness as its sugar infused counterpart.


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