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Fun Dental Activities For the Whole Family to Enjoy

Dental Activities


Updated February 25, 2010

Dental games, puzzles, crossword puzzles, science experiments; the list goes on and on. For your convenience, I have put together a collection of the best free dental activities from around the web, for your enjoyment.

Do you know of a dental activity that deserves to be on this list? Send me an email, for consideration, with a link to the activity.

Dental Experiments

Photo: Getty Images / Digital Vision

Let their mad scientist loose, and have fun with these dental science experiments.  As with most science experiment, adult supervision is recommended.  

Dental Games and Puzzles

Photo: Getty Images / Grove Pashley

These dental games and puzzles are a great quiet activity for the older children on your home.  Test their dental care knowledge with short quizzes, or prepare them for a love of crossword puzzles.  The possibilities are endless.

Dental Coloring Pages

Photo: Getty Images / Medioimages/Photodisc
Your kids inner Picasso will be challenged, with this collection of dental coloring pages. Print out these free pages for hours of dentally inspired creativity and learning at the same time.

Tooth Brushing Charts

If remembering to brush and floss daily is a problem in your home, use one of these free tooth brushing charts, to help keep track of your kids everyday brushing and flossing.

Share Your Dental Artwork

Photo: Photodisc / Getty Images
All of this dental creativity deserves an online museum for your kids to proudly display their creations. Use this submission for to upload your kids best dental artwork, that will be displayed for the whole world to enjoy.
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