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Top 6 Tips for Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe


Created: June 21, 2007

Thinking of sneaking underneath the mistletoe this year? Whether it’s a long thought out kiss or just a sneaky little mistletoe kiss, be sure that your breath is clean and fresh to make it memorable (to the one being kissed)!

These tips for mistletoe kissing will help you to be prepared, just in case.

1. Avoid Chewing Gum

You just never know when a mistletoe kiss can happen and you don't want to be caught with gum in your mouth. If you insist on chewing it anyway, be sure it's sugarless, to avoid cavities.

2. Don't Smoke or use Tobacco

Tobacco use greatly increases your chances of oral cancer and can contribute to gum disease as well as other serious dental problems. Tobacco use can also ruin a great kiss. If you want to quit, but just haven’t, now is the time. Terry Martin offers some great tips to quit smoking.

3. Check your Breath

Nothing can make a kiss more memorable than bad breath, but that is not the kind of “memorable kiss” that we are going for here. When you want fresh breath, but don’t have time to go brush your teeth, I have found just the thing for you! These handy little dental products are called Brush Ups from Oral B.

They are also textured to help remove plaque from your teeth and they are individually wrapped and ideal for quick fresh breath.

4. For Men

If you are thinking that you won’t get caught underneath the mistletoe this Christmas season, think again. If a woman is around that wants to kiss you, believe me, you will be herded one way or another underneath that mistletoe, even if she has to enlist the help of her friends and yours! The Art of Flirting

5. For Women

If you want to get caught underneath the mistletoe, face it, most men aren’t going to notice whether it’s mistletoe or a potted poinsettia hanging from the doorway. Instead of wasting your time underneath the mistletoe, use a strategy like the one above or come up with one of your own. When it comes to things like this, women have so many clever ideas. Is he the One?

6. The Bottom Line

So, whether you are the one planning on sneaking under the mistletoe, or you are the mistletoe target, good oral health can lead to good mistletoe kissing! Keep your breath fresh and don’t get caught off guard this holiday season.

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