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Dental Procedures & Treatments

Visiting the dentist doesn't have to be scary if you know what to expect. Learn about the different dental procedures and what is involved.
FDA Admits Silver Dental Fillings May Not Be Safe
After decades of declaring silver amalgam dental fillings safe, the FDA now admits that amalgam dental fillings may pose possible dangers.
Teeth Whitening Facts
Information and facts about teeth whitening that you probably don't know. Decide if teeth whitening is right for you.
Teeth Whitening Options
There are several different teeth whitening options available, from at-home kits to dentist's office procedures.
Ahhh...Spa Dentistry
Information about spa dentistry and what spa dentistry is all about. Find out about different relaxation techniques involved in spa dentistry.
Dentist Office Instruments Photo Gallery II
Have you ever wondered what the different instruments that dentists use are for? This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of different dental instruments as well as what they are used for.
Dental Implant Photo Gallery
This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of dental implants and the stages of having dental implants placed.
What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening
Information and facts about teeth whitening that you probably don't know. Decide if teeth whitening is right for you.
Questions to Ask a Potential New Dentist
Looking for a new dentist can be easy if you have the right questions. Be sure to consider the following questions to ask any potential new dentist.
Ways to Please Your Dentist
Want to please your dentist by having a great check up? These tips can help you learn how to prevent dental problems as well as how to keep your mouth healthy.
Retainers - What is a Retainer?
You have probably heard of retainers, but do you know what a retainer is and why wearing a retainer is so important?
Find a Dentist - Tips for Finding a New Dentist
If you are looking for a new dentist, these tips will help make the process of changing dentists easier.
What is Nitrous Oxide?
Describes what Nitrous Oxide is and how nitrous oxide can help you relax in the dental office.
10 Myths About Root Canals
There are many myths about root canals, but having a root canal is nothing to worry about. Find out the top 1o myths about root canals.
Dental Photo Gallery
This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of different dental conditions.
What to Expect During a Root Canal
Information about what to expect during a root canal treatment, including price estimates and follow up care.
Teeth Whitening in the Dental Office
Deciding on teeth whitening can be confusing with so many cosmetic dentistry options available. Find out how teeth whitening in the dental office works and what is involved in this bleaching process.
Visits to the Dentist Could Prevent Toothaches
Explains why you should see the dentist before you have a toothache.
The Anatomy of a Tooth
See a detailed diagram of the anatomy of a tooth.
What is a Root Canal?
Describes what a root canal is.
Smiles Replacing Surgery
Dr. Steven D. Spitz, founder and principal of Smileboston™ Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, explains the various dental options available that will make a distinct difference in the facial structure of an individual in conjunction with, or in lieu of, traditional cosmetic surgery. Small changes revitalize that youthful look creating the illusion of a facelift while strengthening the bone for years.
What is an Implant?
Describes what a dental implant is and why you might need one.
What is a Prosthodontist?
Describes what a prosthodontist is and what they do.
Male Cigarette Smokers More Likely to Need Root Canals
The findings of a new study show that males who smoke cigarettes are almost twice as likely to need root canals than non smokers.
What is Decay?
Describes what tooth decay is and how you can prevent tooth decay.
What are Veneers?
Describes what veneers are and why they are used.
What is Fluoride?
Learn what fluoride is and how it can help to prevent cavities.
What is a Cavity?
Describes what a cavity is and how you can prevent cavities
Choosing the Best Dental Fillings - Silver or White
With the pros and cons of both silver and white dental fillings, you can decide what would be best suited for your dental needs.
What Causes Decay?
Explains what dental decay is and what causes it.
Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures
Different types of cosmetic dental procedures available to brighten and whiten your smile.
What is Plaque?
Maintain good dental health by learning what plaque is and how to prevent it.
10 Facts That Every Dental Patient Should Know
These dental facts will help you learn how to prevent dental problems from happening to you.
What are Dental Sealants?
Learn how dental sealants can protect your child against cavities.
Top 10 Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning
Good oral hygiene is important, not only for looks, but for general health as well. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease and more. Regular check ups and cleanings can prevent these problems as well as provide you with good oral hygiene.
No Cavities for Five Years?
Israeli Device Claims to Protect Teeth From Cavities for Five Years
Flossing Underneath Fixed Dental Bridges
Flossing underneath fixed dental bridges is a key factor in maintaining good oral health and protecting your dental investment. These easy steps will show you how to floss in between the bridge and the gumline.
Do Your False Teeth Fit?
Learn about the problems that ill fitting dentures can cause as well as when they need to be replaced, how to properly care for them and why you should never try to repair them yourself.
Give Thanks for Dental Health
Give thanks for dental health and be thankful for being able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with healthy teeth.
Definition of Dental Term - Veneer
History of Dentistry and Dental Care
Have you ever wondered about the history of dentistry? What did teeth used to be filled with? How was toothpaste and dental floss introduced? Who invented false teeth? Find these answers and more!
Enamel Shaping
Definition of Dental Term - Enamel Shaping
Are Silver Fillings Safe?
Describes what silver fillings are made out of and whether or not they are safe.
What is Fluoride?
Learn what fluoride is and how it can help to prevent cavities.
Video - What Happens During a Root Canal?
This is a wonderful video that explains what happens during a root canal.
Definition of Dental Term - Bonding
Dental X-rays - An Overview
Have you ever wondered why dentists take x-rays, what is involved in the process and what the x-rays show? This overview explains why they are necessary as well as the process involved in having them taken.
Cleft Lip and Palate Repair
Provides useful information and definition of cleft palate.
TMJ - A Brief Explanation
Carol and Richard Eustice, Arthritis guides at about.com, offer a brief explanation of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, otherwise known as TMJ.
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder
Florence Cardinal, our Guide to Sleep Disorders, provides insight about TMJ disorder and how it can affect more than just your mouth.
Dentist Directory
Find a dentist or dental specialist easily with DentistDirectory.com.
Dentists Could Soon Start Testing For Breast Cancer
With many studies linking medical problems and dental problems, are you really surprised that dentists might soon be able to test for breast cancer? This simple saliva test done by a dentist could actually detect breast cancer.
Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Whitening
The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides some excellent answers to frequently asked questions regarding dental teeth whitening.
Saliva Test may Detect Oral Cancer
According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, someone dies from oral cancer every hour of every day in the United States alone. The National Institutes of Health reports that scientists may soon be able to detect signs of oral cancer from saliva samples. Oral Cancer is highly curable if detected in its early stages.
FAQs About Root Canal Treatment
Find the answers to frequently asked questions about root canals, provided by the American Association of Endodontists.
Research Summary: Dental Implants
Dental implants are very small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the bone to provide a secure foundation for artificial teeth. An appointment to get dental implants is usually done in two surgical procedures within about 3 - 6 months of each other. According to abc7news.com, some dentists are now able to do dental implants in a one hour office visit.
Understanding TMJ
Dr. Fred Simonton, a highly successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon, provides insight to understanding TMJ.
Find a Cosmetic Dentist
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry can help you find a cosmetic dentist that has completed extensive advanced training and education in cosmetic dentistry.
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