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By Joshua Austin, DDS, About.com Guide to Dental Care

Visiting the dentist doesn't have to be scary if you know what to expect. Learn about the different dental procedures and what is involved.

  1. Cleanings / Check ups
  2. Dental Insurance
  3. Fillings
  4. Orthodontics
  5. Oral Surgery
  6. Dental Implants
  1. Root Canals
  2. Teeth Whitening
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry
  4. Dental Sealants
  5. Dental Instruments
  6. Nitrous Oxide

Cleanings / Check ups

Information and photos about dental check ups, cleanings, examinations and how often you should have a dental check up.

Dental Insurance

Learn about dental insurance, how to utilize your visits to the dentist, determine what is a covered procedure, how claims are handled, deductibles, and when you need to have a treatment plan or a specialist referral.


Learn about fillings, why you might need them and what to expect at your visit to the dentist.


Information about Orthodontics / braces and the options available for treatment of buck teeth, crooked teeth, and other teeth and mouth adjustments. Learn about various types of braces and appliances available for corrective dentistry.

Oral Surgery

Information about oral surgery including anesthesia and wisdom teeth.

Dental Implants

Learn about dental implants and what to expect at your visit to the dentist.

Root Canals

Articles and information about root canals and what to expect at your visit to the dentist if you need a root canal.

Teeth Whitening

Information about teeth whitening and the different options available for teeth whitening, including at home bleaching, in office bleaching and whitening toothpastes.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Information about teeth whitening and different teeth whitening techniques as well as other cosmetic dentistry options.

Dental Sealants

Learn what dental sealants are and how they can prevent cavities.

Dental Instruments

Have you ever wondered what different dental instruments are used for? This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of different dental instruments as well as what they are used for.

Nitrous Oxide

Describes what nitrous oxide is as well as the safety of nitrous oxide.

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