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Review of the Reach Access Daily Flosser

It Doesn't Have to be a Hassle to Floss Your Teeth!

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Updated: March 28, 2007

Review of the Reach Access Daily Flosser
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Flossing your teeth daily does not have to be a difficult task. There are several dental products designed to make flossing easier. My favorite is the Reach Easy Access Flosser because its actually fun and easy to use!

What Makes This Flosser Different?

The Reach Access Daily Flosser is different because of its long handle and small floss head. The long handle allows you to easily floss the back teeth, which are sometimes very difficult to reach. The disposable head is small, making it more comfortable for people with smaller mouths to floss. The small head also fits easily in between hard to reach teeth. The handle has a "no slip grip", which makes it easy to hold. The disposable snap on head refills are also available in a brand new clean mint flavor.

Arthritis and Flossing

If you find it difficult to floss because of arthritis, you will probably love this flosser. The long handle with its "no slip grip" makes it easy for arthritis sufferers to hold. I phoned the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, and asked them if they had ever received comments from arthritis sufferers. Brenda, a customer service representative, told me that she gets several phone calls on a daily basis from arthritis sufferers who tell her how happy they are because they can use this flosser with ease.


Aside from being convenient and easy to use, this flosser is also very affordable. Since the heads are disposable and recommended to be changed daily, you can use the handle over and over again! The suggested retail price for one handle with 8 snap on heads is around $2.99. The handle with 22 snap on heads usually retails for $4.99. You can also purchase the snap on heads without the handle for around $4.99 for 28 heads.

Floss Daily

The American Dental Association recommends that you floss your teeth daily. Flossing removes food debris and plaque from in between the teeth which leads to decay and gum disease. Recent studies have shown that flossing daily can also prevent heart attacks and strokes.
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