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Baby Teeth - What Are Baby Teeth?


Updated December 20, 2009

Baby Teeth - What Are Baby Teeth?
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Question: Baby Teeth - What Are Baby Teeth?
Many people often wonder “Why fuss over the baby teeth since they are just going to fall out anyway?”

The habits we learn at an early age are more likely to carry on into adulthood. That being said, when children are encourage to brush and floss daily, they will most likely carry that habit on into adulthood.

The primary teeth are also important to provide:

  • Proper chewing and biting
  • Overall self-esteem
  • Speech development
  • Space for the larger adult teeth to erupt

Teeth that are decayed are not only unattractive, they are also painful and require treatment from a dentist. Fears and phobias are learned early on. If a child has pleasant experiences with healthy teeth and gums and can avoid painful dental problems and procedures, as he matures into an adult, his experiences at the dental office will be enjoyable and less fearful when facing dental procedures.


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