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False Teeth - Dentures, Partials, Implants and Fixed Bridges

Information and resources about different types of false teeth such as dentures, partials, crowns, bridges and implants as well as and general information about missing teeth.
Dental Implant Photo Gallery
This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of dental implants and the stages of having dental implants placed.
Find a Dentist - Tips for Finding a New Dentist
If you are looking for a new dentist, these tips will help make the process of changing dentists easier.
How Often Should I Floss My Teeth?
Learn how often and why it is important that you floss your teeth.
How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?
Learn how often you should brush your teeth to maintain good oral hygiene.
Do Your False Teeth Fit?
Learn about the problems that ill fitting dentures can cause as well as when they need to be replaced, how to properly care for them and why you should never try to repair them yourself.
Ways to Please Your Dentist
Going to the dentist can be expensive, but avoiding the dentist could result in losing your teeth and developing gum disease. These tips can help you learn how to prevent dental problems as well as how to keep your mouth healthy.
What is a Missing Tooth Clause?
If you have dental insurance, chances are you have a missing tooth clause. Find out what a missing tooth clause means and if it could affect you.
Mouthguards and Sports - Are Mouthguards Really Necessary?
Mouthguards can offer superior protection against dental related injuries. Find out how to choose and take care of a dental mouthguard.
What is Periodontitis?
Explains what periodontitis is and how periodontitis can be linked to heart attacks and strokes.
Dental Photo Gallery
This dental photo gallery will show you various pictures of different dental conditions.
Taking Care of Your Dentures
Proper care can keep both your dentures and your mouth in good shape. These tips will help you learn the correct way to clean, handle and store your dentures.
Dental Implants - Smiles Replacing Surgery
Dr. Steven D. Spitz, founder and principal of Smileboston™ Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, explains the various dental options available that will make a distinct difference in the facial structure of an individual in conjunction with, or in lieu of, traditional cosmetic surgery. Small changes revitalize that youthful look creating the illusion of a facelift while strengthening the bone for years.
What is a Prosthodontist?
Describes what a prosthodontist is and what they do.
What is a Dental Implant?
Describes what a dental implant is and why you might need one.
Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures
Learn about the problems that ill fitting dentures can cause as well as when they need to be replaced, how to properly care for them and why you should never try to repair them yourself.
Flossing Underneath Fixed Dental Bridges
Flossing underneath fixed dental bridges is a key factor in maintaining good oral health and protecting your dental investment. These easy steps will show you how to floss in between the bridge and the gumline.
Facts Your Dentist Wants You to Know
These dental facts will help you learn how to prevent dental problems from happening to you.
The Connection Between Diabetes and Gum Disease
Learn why diabetes and periodontal / gum disease are connected and what steps a person with diabetes can take to prevent gum disease.
Denture Care
When many natural teeth are missing or diseased, dentures may be required. If you have dentures or will be getting them, you will want to follow these guidelines for proper care.
History of Dentistry and Dental Care
Have you ever wondered about the history of dentistry? What did teeth used to be filled with? How was toothpaste and dental floss introduced? Who invented false teeth? Find these answers and more!
Broken or knocked out tooth
What do you do if you or your child gets a broken or knocked out tooth? Follow the tips in this guideline for safely transporting a tooth for reimplantation.
Cleft Palate Missing Tooth Fact Sheet
A person born with a cleft lip and/or palate often have a missing tooth. A special treatment plan is needed for resolving the functional and cosmetic problems the absence creates.
Research Summary: Dental Implants
Dental implants are very small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the bone to provide a secure foundation for artificial teeth. An appointment to get dental implants is usually done in two surgical procedures within about 3 - 6 months of each other. According to abc7news.com, some dentists are now able to do dental implants in a one hour office visit.
Congenitally Missing Teeth - Hypondontia and Oligodontia
Two congential conditions, Hypodontia and Oligodontia, describe teeth that never developed in a child. Also described at "primary failure of eruption." Learn more about these conditions, causes, and treatment.
Bone Loss: The Ultimate Consequence of Missing Teeth
When teeth are missing for an extended time, bone loss will occur. Learn about bone loss and the advantages of dental implants used in tooth replacement therapy.
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