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Fun Dental Facts

Have fun learning about dentistry with these fun dental facts.
Colgate Kids World Fun Dental Facts
Colgate offers fun dental facts.
National Museum of Dentistry
The National Museum of Dentistry is a place where people of all ages can learn about the history of dentistry as well as the importance of a healthy smile.
George Washington and His Teeth - Printable Activity Page
This is a fun and educational printable activity sheet about George Washington and his teeth. This is appropriate for ages 6 and up.
Why You Should Brush and Floss Your Teeth!
This is a fun printable page with fill in the blanks about why you should brush and floss your teeth.
Dentistry Fun Facts
Atkins Dentistry Kids Corner offers some fun dental facts.
Fun Facts from Mama Gums
Mama Gums.com offers some fun dental facts.
Healthy Teeth
Healthy Teeth has experiments, activities and fun dental facts.
Kids Smile
Delta Dental offers puzzles, games, stories, and dental care tips.
Kids Stuff
The American Dental Hygienists' Association offers dental games, fun and facts.
Fun Dental Facts and Terrific Tooth Trivia
These fun dental facts are provided by the Michigan Dental Assiciation.
Fun Dental Facts for Kids
These fun and educational dental facts are provided by the TriCounty Health Department.
About Your Teeth
These fun fact about your teeth are provided by The Magic School bus.
Interesting Facts and Trivia About Toothpaste
Fun and interesting facts about toothpaste provided by The Wisdom Tooth.
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