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Dental Emergencies- Tooth Aches, Oral Conditions, Oral Diseases

Oral health effects more than just your mouth, knowing why could save your life. Find information on how to manage a toothache or broken tooth. Discover why visiting your dentist on a regular basis is important and why you should see your dentist immediately if you have a dental emergency.

How to Achieve Pain Relief for an Abscessed Tooth
Do you have pain from an abscessed tooth? Here are some good ways to relieve the pain from an abscessed tooth until you can see your dentist.

How To Relieve Pain From a Cracked or Broken Tooth
Here are the best ways to get relief from a toothache caused by a broken or cracked tooth.

Toothache - Worst Toothache
Have you ever had a terrible toothache? Share your worst toothache story with my readers.

What Causes a Toothache?
When you have a toothache, every movement, thought, sound -- even touch -- is overshadowed by throbbing pain of a toothache. If you have a toothache and are not sure what could be causing it, continue reading.

How To Manage a Toothache Caused By Tooth Decay
Do you have a toothache that may be caused by tooth decay? Here are some tips for managing a toothache caused by tooth decay.

Obesity and Your Teeth
Emerging research may have found a correlation between obesity and oral bacteria.

Everything You Need to Know About Canker Sores
When it comes to managing your canker sores, you need to know everything you can about them in order to help ease the pain, speed up healing, and possibly reduce the number of canker sore outbreaks you experience.

Dental Fears and Phobias- Why Are You Afraid of the Dentist and Denta…
Why are you afraid of the dentist and dental treatment? Share your experience with dental fears and phobias.

Connecting Gum Disease to Your Health
Heart disease and stroke, both with serious health consequences attached to their name, have been linked to gum disease.

Does Wearing a Mouthguard Prevent Concussions?
Wearing a mouthguard was once thought to help prevent concussions in contact sports players. Find out why there is a debate regarding the use of mouthguards in concussion prevention.

Not Your Average Dental Office
Sports dentistry related to professional hockey is an exciting career that takes a dentist from the office to the ice, ready to mend orofacial injuries hockey players regularly receive during your typical hockey game.

Treatment of Sports Related Dental Injuries- Hockey Injuries
Dental injuries suffered by hockey players active in their sporting careers are treatment planned slightly differently than the average person. Learn about the differences in treatment for sports related injuries.

Drug Associated Gingival Enlargement and Overgrowth- Dilantin (Phenytoin)
Dilantin (Phenytoin) is a medication frequently used to treat seizure disorders and epilepsy. The side effects on the gum tissue from the use of phenytoin are examined along with common treatments suggested by your dentist.

Pass the Parsley- Identifying the Cause of Bad Breath
Halitosis, known as bad breath to most, is an embarrassing condition that can effect anyone at anytime. Learn about the causes of bad breath and how bad breath may indicate an underlying health concern.

Important Reasons to Brush and Floss Your Teeth
Important Reasons to Brush and Floss Your Teeth- Facts About Gum Disease That May Surprise You.

What is a Root Canal?
You have been told by your dentist that you need a root canal; but what is it? Read up on the procedure before your appointment so you are aware of what is happening in your mouth during the procedure.

Oral Surgery
Your dental emergency has resulted in the need for oral surgery. Oral surgery is preformed regularly in dentistry. Learn about the different types of surgery, and common reasons for the procedure.

Oral Thrush
Thrush is a treatable oral infection. Learn about the causes of thrush and how it is treated.

What are Dental Caries?
You may have been told caries are the caries of your tooth ache; but what are they? Learn about what they are to help prevent them in the future.

What is Bruxism?
Learn the definition of bruxism.

Why Is My Mouth So Dry?
Have you ever asked yourself "Why is my mouth so dry?" If so, I have the answers for you.

I Have a Dental Emergency. Should I Go to the Hospital or Dentist?
Where should you go for treatment when you have a dental emergency? Find out when to go right to the hospital, and when to see a dentist.

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
The sighs and symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth) are found here.

Over-The-Counter Pain Relief Medication for Dental Use
Learn how over-the-counter pain relief medication is used in dentistry.

What to Do When You Bite Your Lip or Tongue
Biting down on your lip or tongue can be very painful, but when should you seek medical attention? Learn how to deal with a dental emergency involving a bitten lip or tongue.

What to Do When You Have a Cut in Your Mouth
Everything you need to know when dealing with a cut in your mouth.

What to Do When You Suspect You have a Fractured or Dislocated Jaw
Valuable information when you suspect you have a fractured or dislocated jaw.

What You Need to Know When You Have a Knocked Out Tooth
Here you will find everything you need to know when dealing with a knocked out tooth in a dental emergency.

What You Need to Know When You Have a Broken or Cracked Tooth
Everything you need to know when dealing with a dental emergency involving a cracked or broken tooth.

What You Need to Know When You Have a Dental Emergency
From a broken tooth to losing a tooth altogether, a dental emergency can happen anywhere, at anytime. It is very important for everyone to understand what needs to be done if such a problem occurs. Like any emergency, it is important to stay calm and assess the situation. You should call for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) if you feel the...

Dental Emergency - Your Experience Handling a Dental Emergency
Have you had a serious dental emergency? Share your experience with a serious dental emergency.

The Use of Clove Oil in Dentistry
Clove oil has been used in dentistry for over a century. Find out how this oil is used to treat toothaches.

Crown and Bridge - Have You Broken a Crown or Bridge Eating a Piece of Candy
Have you ever broken a crown or bridge eating a piece of candy? If so, share your story here with readers hat may find themselves with a broken or loose crown or bridge after enjoying a piece of candy.

Rubber Dam - Do You Have Trouble Wearing a Rubber
Do you have trouble wearing a rubber dam during dental treatment? Share your story with readers that may have similar problems with wearing a rubber dam during dental treatment.

Rubber Dam - Rubber Dam Definition
Rubber Dam - Rubber Dam Definition

Canker Sore Product Reviews
There are many products on the marked that are meant to ease the pain from, and in some cases "cure" your canker sores. If you've tried a canker sore product share your experience with the product and review it here.See submissions

Are There Canker Sore Treatments and Remedies That Work?
Canker sores are painful lesions that develop inside the mouth. Find out how to treat canker sores at home, plus find out when you should see your dentist for treatment.

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?
A tooth can hurt for many different reasons and your symptoms can help determine what's wrong. These are the most common symptoms and causes of a toothache.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome
When your tooth has recurring pain or discomfort, you may have cracked tooth syndrome. What are some symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome and what if you think you may have a tooth with this condition?

Root Canals - The Whole Truth
A clear and concise breakdown of what a root canal is, why it's needed and what the procedure involves.

Risks Associated with the Development of Oral Cancer
What you need to know about the causes and risk factors for oral cancer and how it applies to you.

Salivary Gland Cancer
What is Salivary Gland Cancer? How dangerous is it, how common and can it be prevented?

Basic Dental Care Information
Everything you need to know about basic dental care, from cavities, gum disease, and early childhood tooth decay to brushing, flossing, x-rays and dental examinations.

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