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Interdental Papilla - Definition of Interdental Papilla


Updated July 01, 2014

Definition: The interdental papilla is the gum tissue found in the space between the teeth. As with all gingival tissue, the interdental papilla is not able to regenerate -- or grow back -- if lost from recession due to improper brushing. When the interdental papilla has reduced or is missing, it leaves behind the appearance of a triangular gap. Alternatively, during orthodontic treatment, gingival overgrowth due to the use of medication, or from periodontal disease, the interdental papilla may become pronounced appear bulbous and puffy. A Periodontist --or gum specialist-- is able to perform surgery that can predictably regenerate gingiva, although the papilla is difficult to obtain. In situations where the interdental papilla is pronounced, the periodontist is able to preform a gingivectomy to remove the extra tissue and resculpt the area.
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