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The Tooth Fairy Free Certificates, Poems, Games, Letters and Crafts

Provides ways to contact the tooth fairy, free printable tooth fairy certificates, tooth fairy crafts as well as fun facts about the tooth fairy and free tooth fairy letters.
Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow
This is a cute Tooth Fairy project for adults to make that could be handed down from generation to generation.
Tooth Fairy Craft
Fun and easy Tooth Fairy craft provided by DLTK.
Tooth Fairy Tote
Fun and easy craft project for a Tooth Fairy Tote provided by Familyfun.com.
Email the Tooth Fairy
Have you lost a tooth and need a visit from the Colgate tooth fairy? Email her!
Tooth Fairy Game
Help the tooth fairy find 20 baby teeth to build a castle!
ToothFairy Cyberspace
This is a fun, informative and whimsical site with great information and tons of links.
Make a Tooth Fairy Costume
This tooth fairy costume is cute, easy and inexpensive to make with very minimal sewing. Whether it's for Halloween or just for dress up, this tooth fairy costume is perfect for children and adults.
Tooth Fairy Castle - A Story by Pearl E. White
This is a cute story about how the tooth fairies make magic.
Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate
This is a nice and free printable tooth fairy certificate provided by savingadvice.com.
Funny Tooth Fairy Letter for Older Kids
This is a hilarious free printable tooth fairy letter for older kids.
Tooth Fairy Story Book to Read Online
This is such a cute tooth fairy story book for kids to read online. It is provided by Elinor Class 4 Woodthorpe J & I.
The Tooth Fairy - Story, Advice and Email the Tooth Fairy
Dr. Marc Grossman provides a cute tooth fairy story as well as advice and an opportunity to email the tooth fairy.
Make Your Own Tooth Fairy Box!
This is so cute! Family Fun provides instructions and color photos to make this easy and adorable tooth fairy box!
Cute Printable Tooth Fairy Letter and Envelope
This is really adorable. Print this out for the tooth fairy to place money in!
Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies - A Dental Story
This is a wonderful story for children of all ages.
Tooth Fairy Certificates
DLTK provides free printable tooth fairy certificates in color or black and white.
The Tooth Fairy Coloring Page
This free printable coloring page of the Tooth Fairy is provided by DLTK.
Tooth Fairy Poem
This is a beautiful Tooth Fairy poem provided by Penny Parker.
Tooth Fairy Maze
Help the Tooth Fairy find your tooth, provided by dentist4kids.
Franklin and theTooth Fairy Coloring Page
Franklin and the Tooth Fairy printable coloring page provided by DLTK.
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