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Dental Care: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
8 Ways to Relieve Abscessed Tooth Pain
Do you have pain from an abscessed tooth? Here are some good ways to relieve the pain from an abscessed tooth until you can see your dentist.
8 Ways to Relieve Pain From a Cracked or Broken...
A broken or cracked tooth may cause a very painful toothache. Here are the best ways to get relief from a toothache caused by a broken or cracked tooth.
7 Ways to Ease Your Toothache Caused By Tooth...
Do you have a toothache that may be caused by tooth decay? Here are some tips for managing a toothache caused by tooth decay.
Learn What to Expect During a Dental Implant...
Find out how to prepare for your upcoming dental implant surgery and what you can expect before, during, and after the surgery.
7 Effective Canker Sore Treatments
Canker sores are painful lesions that develop inside the mouth. Find out how to treat canker sores at home, plus find out when you should see your dentist for treatment.
Many Dental Problems Can be Prevented or Easily...
Dental problems aren't ideal, but a majority of dental problems can be prevented or easily resolved. Learn about some of the most common dental problems.
Learn About the Various Causes and Symptoms of...
A tooth can hurt for various reasons and your symptoms can help determine what's wrong. The most common symptoms and causes of a toothache are listed.
Gum Disease - 8 Warning Signs of Gum Disease
These 8 warning signs of gum disease are important so that you can notify your dentist before gum disease progresses.
Learn About Some of the Common Causes...
Canker sores are very painful sores found inside the mouth that often appear out of nowhere. There are a variety of causes of canker sores.
5 Surprising Foods For Healthy Teeth
These five foods have health benefits in the mouth for natural, white strong teeth and smiles. Ask your dentist.
Do Teeth Whitening Home Remedies Actually Work?
Trying to whiten your teeth naturally? Find out what works and what doesn't.
The Course of Action for a Dental Emergency...
Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Like other medical emergencies, dental emergencies require different levels of care, depending on severity.
Learn Why Root Canals Are Performed and How...
Learn the common causes, treatment, and recovery of a root canal, as well as why they are performed and how they work.
Is Mineral Water A Danger To Your Smile?
Can sparkling mineral water cause acidic erosion damage to teeth? Ask your dentist.
Replacing Missing Teeth With Dentures
Dentures are used as a way to replace missing teeth. Explore the different types of dentures and learn how to care for them.
Learn the Facts About Dental Insurance Before...
With the rising cost of going to the dentist, many people are struggling with the decision of whether or not to purchase dental insurance.
Can Clove Oil Help Relieve Dental Pain?
Clove oil has been used in dentistry for over a century. Find out how this oil is used to treat toothaches.
Facts About Gum Disease That May Surprise You
An overview of gum disease and the surprising impact it can have on your health. Read up on these important reasons to brush and floss your teeth.
Why you should consider All-on-4 Dental Implant...
How is All-on-4 implant protocol different from the traditional dental implant treatment for the full set of upper or lower teeth?
Over-The-Counter Pain Relief Medication for...
Learn how over-the-counter pain relief medication is used in dentistry.
What You Can (and Can't) Eat With Braces
Are you confused about what you can and can't eat with your braces? I have broken down each food group for you, so you know exactly what you can and can't eat with your braces.
Learn Exactly What to Expect During a Dental...
Dental crowns are recommended for a variety of reasons. Learn exactly what to expect during a common dental crown procedure.
How Can You Prevent Bad Breath?
Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that can strike anywhere at anytime. Learn about the simple ways to treat your bad breath, and ways to stop if from occurring in the first place.
Dentures and The Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures
Dentures that don't fit can cause many problems. Find out when dentures should be replaced, how to properly care for false teeth and why you should never try to repair them yourself.
6 Causes of Bad Breath
Halitosis, known as bad breath to most, is an embarrassing condition that can affect anyone. Learn about the common causes of bad breath and ways you can reduce or eliminate that unpleasant odor coming from your mouth.
Do You Have a Canker Sore?
Canker sores are painful and often appear out of nowhere; but what are they?
Crest Vs. Colgate: The Ultimate Fight for Your...
what tooth paste is best? colgate total with triclosan toothpaste is the best toothpaste according to studies.
Most Children Lose Their Baby Teeth At Around...
Every child begins to lose their baby teeth and get adult teeth around the same time, but there are instances where the process is sped up or delayed.
Learn What to Do When You Have a Cracked or...
A broken or cracked tooth can occur for a number of reasons. Learn what to do if you have a broken tooth, along with common causes.
What to Expect During a Root Canal
Need a root canal? Don't be afraid of having a root canal, find out exactly what to expect during a root canal.
6 Steps to Recovery After Oral Surgery
Recovery should be your number one concern after oral surgery. Always follow post operative instruction provided by your surgeon or dentist, to prevent any risk of infection or trauma to the surgical site. Follow these general guidelines after oral surgery for rapid recovery and optimum healing.
There Are a Variety of Ways to Handle a Loose...
Loose braces may be handled in a variety of ways depending on the situation at hand. Dealing with a loose bracket is easier than you might think.
Can Dental Botox Make You Look Younger?
Your dentist can use Anti-Ageing treatments like dental botox and dermal fillers to reverse the signs of ageing around the mouth and face
What Is Oral Surgery?
Oral surgery is preformed regularly in dentistry. Learn about the most common forms of oral surgery.
A Step-By-Step Guide to Brushing Your Teeth
There's a right way to brush your teeth. These instructions include nine steps to brushing your teeth and how maintain healthy teeth and gums.
Why is My Mouth So Dry?
There are many reasons why your mouth is so dry, and all of those reasons generally end up leading to a simple diagnosis.
Learn About the Potential Side Effects of Tooth...
A whiter smile comes with a list of side effects associated with tooth whitening products. Learn about side effects associated with teeth whitening.
A Dentist Discusses Dental Implants
Learn about how dental implants give you a youthful look and how dental implants can give the appearance of a face lift from dentist Dr. Steven D. Spitz, guest writer.
How to Make Oral Saline Solution / Mouth Rinse...
Here is how to make your own saline solution for rinsing your mouth if you have canker sores, soft tissue laceration or are recovering from oral surgery.
Methamphetamine Use Can Have Extremely Negative...
“Meth Mouth” is a term used to describe the mouth of a methamphetamine user because of the rampant tooth decay often associated with use of the drug.
5 Common Myths About Root Canals
There are several myths and half-truths associated with root canal therapy. The top 10 root canal myths are explored here.
Top 10 Facts Your Dentist Wants You to Know
10 things your dentist knows that you should know too. These facts are something every patient should know about visiting the dentist, maintaining good dental care and preventing serious dental problems.
Learn How Professional In-Office Teeth...
Professional teeth whitening delivers optimum whitening results in a short amount of time. Learn how professional in-office teeth whitening is done.
Dental Photos - Teeth and Mouth Photo Galleries
These dental photo galleries will show you various pictures of tooth and mouth conditions, a child's dental appointment, dental implants, before and after braces photos as well as photos of different types of dental instruments.
Learn About Gold Dental Crowns and Why Some...
Gold crowns are used to restore teeth that have been root canalled or have large fillings. Here you will find information about gold crowns.
10 Ways to Cope With Teeth Whitening Sensitivity
Tips and techniques you can use to eliminate or cut down on tooth sensitivity caused by whitening your teeth.
Learn About the Best Methods and Techniques for...
Find information on how dental tooth whitening works, if you are a candidate for the procedure and any possible side effects from tooth whitening.
Are You in The Dark About Oral Cancer?
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month! Are you being pro-active and treating your mouth with the same care as you do your body?
Caring for Dentures Is Easier Than You Think
Learn how to take care of dentures with tips that will help keep your dentures and mouth in good health. Learn how to handle, store, and clean dentures.
Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures
Different types of cosmetic dentistry available for teeth whitening and straightening.
Learn About the Various Types of Dental Fillings
Learn about the various types of dental fillings, as well as some advantages and disadvantages of each kind.
Volunteering At a Free Dental Clinic
Read about the inspiring story of Jennifer McKee, a volunteer with The Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project.
Diabetes and Gum Disease - What's The Connection?
The control of diabetes has been frequently linked to Gum Disease, also known as Periodontal Disease. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among adults. Learn what steps a person with Diabetes can take to prevent Gum disease.
What Are the Different Methods of Teeth...
Before you consider teeth whitening products and procedures, find out what methods are available and which one is right for you.
How to Prepare for Oral Surgery
If you require oral surgery you may want to consider preparing yourself and your home by following these valuable suggestions before your surgical date.
Just Moved? Here's How to Find a New Dentist
Have no idea how to find a dentist? Here's how to find a new dentist if you're moving or don't like your current one, and the questions to ask them.
Understanding Periodontitis
Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease. Learn the causes of periodontitis and ways to prevent this often devastating disease from progressing.
The Frightening Reason Why You Grind Your Teeth
Teeth grinding may be linked to night time breathing disorders such as UARS or Sleep Apnea due to the airway closing and causing night bruxism.
Why Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?
It is not always a wise decision to keep your wisdom teeth. Learn about the third molar and why they are a removed.
What to Expect During Your Veneers Appointment
What are veneers, you ask? Learn about this popular cosmetic dental procedure, that creates a beautiful new smile.
Flossing and Brushing Your Teeth Properly is...
Proper oral hygiene is extremely important. These step by step guides with dental photos will show you the proper way to brush and floss your teeth.
How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?
If you developed wisdom teeth (and no, not everyone does), chances are you will require wisdom tooth removal at some point in your lifetime. If you are curious to know how wisdom teeth are removed, keep reading.
Everything You Need to Know About Canker Sores
Learn everything you need to know about canker sores, from what they are to how to treat them and when to see your dentist.
Do You Know How to Properly Floss Your Teeth?
Flossing between your teeth is just as important as brushing. Your toothbrush bristles simply cannot reach between the teeth and below the gumline in the same area. To prevent tooth decay from occurring in between your teeth, follow these simple step-by-step instructions and make flossing part of your daily hygiene routine.
The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning
Regular dental cleanings are important, not only for looks, but for good oral hygiene and general health as well. Regular check ups and dental cleanings can prevent many dental problems as well as provide you with good oral hygiene.
Got Braces? Here's How to Handle Your Next...
There are certain things that you can and can't eat with braces. Candy is one of them. Learn how to satisfy your sweet tooth and fight sugar cravings.
Teeth Whitening Options
Several teeth whitening options are available, from at-home kits to dentist's office procedures.
Tips for Caring for Your Dental Crown or Bridge
Why you may want to avoid certain types of candy if you have dental crowns or other implants.
Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?
Have you ever wondered why you have wisdom teeth? If so, I have the answer for you.
Gum Disease Linked to Pancreatic Cancer
A new study has linked gum disease to pancreatic cancer. Find out how visiting your dentist and preventing gum disease might reduce your chances of developing deadly pancreatic cancer.
Gingivitis is a Reversible Form of Gum Disease
Gingivitis is a reversible form of gum disease that is the result of untreated bacteria. Learn the warning signs of bacteria as well as how to prevent it.
Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Erosion
Tooth erosion signs and symptoms can range from sensitivity to more severe problems such as cracking. Find out the symptoms of tooth erosion.
What to Do When You Have a Cut in Your Mouth
Everything you need to know when dealing with a cut in your mouth.
Everything You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays
Everything you need to know about dental x-rays, including how often you should get them, descriptions of the different types, what they are used for, and much more.
Review of Listerine Total Care Anticavity...
Review of Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash.
Do You Need Braces?
Do you need braces? Reasons why braces are used and how they improve your oral health.
Plaque Forms Through Chemical Reactions That...
Plaque is a soft, sticky, colorless deposit that continually forms on our teeth and gums. Plaque forms as a result of chemical reactions in the mouth.
Learn About Professional Take-Home Teeth...
Professional take-home teeth whitening kits are customized to your mouth and are becoming a popular option for whitening your teeth.
What to Do When You Bite Your Lip or Tongue
Biting down on your lip or tongue can be very painful, but when should you seek medical attention? Learn how to deal with a dental emergency involving a bitten lip or tongue.
State Dental Association Directory
State-by-state dental association directory
7 Ways to Prevent Cavities
Cavities affect millions of people everyday regardless of race, gender or age. These seven tips will show you the best way to prevent cavities in children and adults.
What Purpose Do Rubber Bands Serve on Your...
Why are elastics used around your braces? Here, we take a look at the role elastics play in your orthodontic treatment.
Can Sinus Infection Mimic Tooth Pain?
Toothache can be caused by sinusitis or sinus infection which may be side-effect of the flu or common cold
Where Can I Find Free Dental Science Experiment...
These free dental science experiments will surely help your kids become enthusiastic about caring for their teeth.
The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth
If you are not brushing your teeth properly you may be harming your delicate gum tissue, causing tooth abrasion, and likely missing plaque from hard to reach surfaces. Follow this simple guide on how to brush your teeth properly and expect your dentist and hygienist to notice the difference at your next check-up and cleaning. This brushing method is also recommended when assisting someone with their brushing, such as a child or a person with limited manual dexterity.
Learn What to do About a Loose Orthodontic Band
It is very common to have an orthodontic band become loose. Learn what to do when you have a loose orthodontic band, and how to fix it.
What You Need to Know When You Have a Dental...
Dental emergencies can be very frightening, and should be treated just link any medical emergency would be. Here, you will find detailed information on how to deal with various types of dental emergencies.
Drug Associated Gingival Overgrowth and...
Dilantin (Phenytoin) is a medication frequently used to treat seizure disorders and epilepsy. The side effects on the gum tissue from the use of phenytoin are examined along with common treatments suggested by your dentist.
Dental Restoration Works to Restore the...
Restoration is a term used in dentistry to describe restoring the function of the tooth by replacing missing or damaged tooth structure.
Dental Impressions Produce a Replica of Your...
Dental impressions are very common. They are an imprint of the teeth and mouth. Dental impressions produce a close replica of the teeth and oral tissue.
Activity, Game & Puzzle Printouts Perfect...
Educate and entertain at home or in the dental office waiting room with these free dental activities, coloring pages, puzzles and tooth print outs.
Definition of Pulpitis
What is pulpitis? The definition of pulpitis is examined here.
Incisors - Definition of Incisors
The definition of incisors, how they contribute to eating and everyday life, and an illustrated example of its position in your teeth.
Cracked Tooth Syndrome
When your tooth has recurring pain or discomfort, you may have cracked tooth syndrome. What are some symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome and what do you do if you think you may have a tooth with this condition?
Chewing Tough Food Could Prevent The Need For...
Raw, natural foods that require chewing stimulate facial muscles help the jaw to develop normally and encourage normal teeth and dental development
Bad Breath Can Be Really Embarrassing
Bad breath is often caused by dental diseases like gum disease. Your dentist will help you to identify any dental or dietary causes of halitosis.
Gum Disease and Oral Hygiene May Be Connected...
Heart disease and stroke, both with serious health consequences attached to their name, have been linked to gum disease.
Enamel is the First Layer of Tooth that is...
Enamel, the first layer of tooth that is visible in the mouth, is a porous, calcified substance made from crystalline calcium phosphate.
Tips & Tricks to Clean Your Invisalign...
Invisalign is an easy and pain-free way to get a better smile. Learn the proper care techniques and how to clean your Invisalign retainers.
Gingival Retraction Cord Definition
Learn about gingival retraction cord and how it is used in dentistry.
Fun and Free Dental Activities and Crafts for...
Learning about the dentist is fun with these links free dental activities for children such as games, coloring pages, crafts, brushing charts, puzzles, experiments and more.
Orthodontic Organization "Smiles Change Lives"...
Smiles Change Lives is an orthodontic organization that helps pay for braces. Learn how to apply for funding and how to become a volunteer.
A Cephalometric X-Ray is Used Primarily for...
A cephalometric x-ray, which is also sometimes referred to simply as a ceph, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning.
How to Prevent Tooth Erosion
Tooth erosion is the loss of tooth structure. Tooth erosion is caused by acid attacking the enamel. Find out how you can prevent tooth erosion.
Nutrition and Good Oral Health
Explains how proper nutrition plays a role for healthy teeth and good oral hygiene.
Listerine Agent Cool Blue
Review of Listerine Agent Cool Blue
Bad Breath Can Become an Overwhelming Obstacle...
Bad breath can be embarrassing, especially for teenagers. Find out what causes bad breath and what steps teenagers can take to prevent bad breath.
Osteoporosis Medications Linked to Jaw Bone...
Explains how medications taken for osteoporosis, called bisphosphonates, have been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw.
Tooth Pulp is the Vital, Living Aspects of...
Tooth pulp is the most vital part of the tooth. The pulp originates in the tooth's center, underneath the enamel and dentin layers, in the pulp chamber.
Learn What Mountain Dew Mouth is and its Impact...
Mountain Dew mouth is a term penned by dentists in reference to a form of tooth decay that is caused by drinking excessive amounts of sugary soda.
Smoking and Dental Problems
Describes the dental problems associated with smoking and other uses of tobacco including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and hookah water pipes.
Is Invisalign Right for Me?
Are you considering Invisalign treatment to correct your teeth? Learn if Invisalign is right for you.
Cuspid - Definition of Cuspid
The definition of cuspid is examined.
Dry Mouth is Common Among Seniors
Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a common problem among seniors, and dry mouth can cause extensive dental problems.
A Panorex X-Ray That Displays the Jaws and...
A panorex x-ray is a two-dimensional x-ray used in the dental field. It displays both jaws, the upper and lower, as well as the teeth, on the same film.
The Safety of Anesthesia for Oral Surgery
Explains why anesthesia for oral surgery is safe with research and clinical studies about oral surgery anesthesia.
Dentin - Definition of Dentin
Teeth are broken into four different components. Learn about the second layer to tooth; the dentin.
The Gingival Sulcus is the Space Between the...
The gingival sulcus is the natural space found between the tooth and the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth, known as the free gingiva.
Encourage Healthy Dental Hygiene With a...
Do your kids need help remembering to brush and floss? These five free teeth brushing charts will help get kids on track and encourage dental hygiene.
Definition of Conventional Denture
There are several types of dentures that are used to replace missing teeth, here we examine the meaning of a conventional denture.
Can Adults Wear Braces?
Are adults able to wear braces? Learn about adult orthodontics here.
Wisdom Teeth Are the Last Permanent Teeth to...
The third molars, or the wisdom teeth, are the last permanent teeth to erupt into your mouth. They typically emerge around the age of 17 to 21 years old.
Learn What an Orthodontic Band is in Dental...
Bands are used in orthodontics to anchor an appliance to the teeth or secure an archwire to the molars. They are typically made out of stainless steel.
Where Can I Find Free Dental Coloring Pages and...
Are you looking for free dental coloring pages? I have compiled a list of the best dental coloring pages from around the web.
National Children's Dental Health Month
Helpful dental information, tooth brushing charts, activities, photos and more for National Dental Health Month.
Learn What an Alginate Impression is in...
An alginate impression is used in dentistry to retrieve an exact replica of the patient's teeth, gingiva, and surrounding tissues in the mouth.
Learn Everything You Need To Know About Braces...
Learn everything you need to know about braces and orthodontics, from why you may potentially need braces to how to fix a broken brace bracket.
Learn About the Effect of Wearing a Mouthguard...
Wearing a mouthguard was once thought to help prevent concussions in contact sports. However there is a lack of evidence on the subject.
Interdental Papilla - Definition of Interdental...
The definition of interdental papilla.
Early Detection of Oral Cancer With VELscope
Early detection of oral cancer could save your life. The FDA-approved VELscope can detect oral cancer that the naked eye can't see.
Your Orthodontic Records Are an Important Part...
What are orthodontic records? Learn the components of orthodontic records. Your dental records might include a dental impression, X-rays and photos.
Which Mouthguard is the Best?
Mouthguards are valuable pieces of equipment that should be used when playing sports. Learn how to chose the right mouthguard for your specific needs.
Understanding the Dental Exam
Find out what takes place during a dental exam and how to better understand the process of routine dental care.
Looking for a New Dentist? Here Are 17...
Finding a new dentist doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to find a new dentist by doing a little research and asking the right questions.
Whiten Your Teeth for a Bridal Smile on Your...
Teeth whitening can give you that extra boost for your wedding day. If your planning a wedding, teeth whitening can give you a beautiful bridal smile.
5 Fun Ways to Encourage Healthy Dental Habits
Learn how to encourage dental habits for kids. These dentist coloring pages & dental activities entertainment & educate kids about healthy brushing.
Does Colgate MaxWhite Stand Up To The Test?
Review of Colgate MaxWhite toothpaste with Mini-Bright Strips.
Baby Teeth Basics
Provides answers to frequently asked questions about good dental care for babies and toddlers.
Top 10 Ways to Please Your Dentist
Going to the dentist can be expensive, but avoiding the dentist can result in losing all of your teeth! Find out ten ways to please your dentist.
Salivary Gland Cancer
What is salivary gland cancer? How dangerous is it, how common is it, and can it be prevented?
Are Digital Impressions as Accurate as...
Digital impressions are alternatives to traditional dental impressions, but how do they stack up? Learn the pros and cons of digital impressions.
A Toothbrush That Dispenses Toothpaste? It's...
The IntelliClean is toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste that has been discontinued, but this review recommends other Philips Sonicare toothbrushes.
Molar - Definition of Molar
Learn about your molars and find out why they are important for everyday function.
The History of Dental Assistants and The...
The history of dental assisting and the American Dental Assistants Association; the oldest and largest association of its kind.
Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Dentist
Visiting the dentist can help you prevent many dental problems and visiting the dentist on a regular basis can also help you maintain optimal dental health.
Signs and Symptoms of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
The sighs and symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth) are found here.
10 Things Your Dentist Won't Tell You - Fact or...
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What are Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening...
There are many teeth whitening products available for you to choose from. Learn about over-the counter teeth whitening products to see if they are right for you.

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