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Readers Respond: How Often Do You Get Canker Sores?

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Updated August 30, 2009

All my life

I've always had canker sores (55 now), and school nurse years ago would use clove oil on a cotton swab. I've tried many things over the years, but I swear, clove oil still works best! (seems stronger now, so I "water it down" a bit with almond oil, coconut oil or grape seed oil and it still works great! Clove oil is antiseptic and numbs the pain. Used in a lot of dental products.
—Guest Shanna

Finally They're Gone!

I'm struggled with canker sores since I was a teenager. I dreaded accidentally biting my lip because I knew it would turn into a canker sore that would take a week or two to heal. A couple years ago I started taking an Omega-3 supplement for various reasons. I didn't realize it at the time but my canker sores stopped! Later on, I ran out of my supplement and did not buy a refill for a couple weeks. In that time period the sores came back. After starting back on the Omega-3's they were gone! Do a quick search and you'll see there are others out there with the same experience. I remember the pain that I've gone through in my life because of these, and I'm doing my best to spread the word and help other out there.
—Guest Jake

Canker Sore - The Canker Spanker

You have to try The Canker Spanker. It worked for me and I wont use anything else.
—Guest Natt

Too Painful.!

I typically get them 1-2 times a month, if that. But when I do get them their very painful. I can't eat, talk nor laugh. I try this over the counter medication called "kanka"... You can find it at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and etc. It works really well.
—Guest Guest

Pretty much 3-4 times a month

I usually get it inside my lip but currently i have one on my tongue. It hurts so bad and i tried warm salt water, peroxide, and baking soda but it's not working.
—Guest Tiarra


I get canker sores one monthly with my period usually one.The one I get is huge & very painful usually covering my entire bottom lips... My doctor has prescribed things but, nothing works. I've tried salt water, honey and tea bags -- you name it. I wish something really worked this pain is horrible. I can't eat anything without it burning. I cant drink anything without it burning. I cant even sleep the dry mouth causes more pain.I just wish it would go away or not be painful...
—Guest Candice

Multiple times a month

They come in cycles and once I get one, others typically develop as well. When I'm in the cycle, any poke or scratch on my lips, tongue or gum will become an open sore. I take L-Lysine to help reduce the effects early on. I also find that it helps to reduce the pain and swelling (a little) during the outbreak. During a painful outbreak, I may take 1g 4X per day. I read that they may decrease with age, but I'm 47 and they're getting worse. It may be because I just finished going back to school for my MBA. I also avoid foods like chocolate and nuts during an outbreak.
—Guest Brian


I used to get them a lot - till one day I had enough and did some research. My dentist told me it's stress but I was on 2 month vacation - how could that be stress? And i did not feel stressed either... I found out that for me it SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate)found in most of the toothpastes that triggers it for me. It is a foaming agent and it's quite abrasive. Try using Sensodyne or A&H Sensitive (but this paste does not foam at all so i don't like it), and see if it helps. It did me!
—Guest Jane

once a month

I usually get around 2 to 3 at a time once a month. My doc says try yogurt as it contains live cultures that might help prevent them. I use any type of over the counter medication I can to numb them. Currently have one the size of a dime on the side of my tongue that is rubbing on my teeth. Talking is less than comfortable.
—Guest Justin

Canker Sore remedy

Triamcinolone Acetonide (prescription) I have suffered all my life with canker soars. I found that Supe Lysine vitamins work well, but must to be taken on a regular bases and before the soar expands. But for an instant remedy this paste is the best product I have found. My son is now suffering from canker soars because of his braces. He was loosing so much weight from not being able to eat. Thanks to the paste it has changed his life. The product is also know as Oralone the company that distributes it is "Taro"
—Guest Brenda


For the past year, it has been rare for me to have a period of time where I do not have a canker sore. Typically, I get a new "crop" of sores every 2 to 3 weeks. These days I have been getting 2 to 7 sores at a time and the largest has been the size of a dime under the tongue. I have been to multiple doctors including my GP and ENT and there have been no conclusions as to the cause or solution. Just to clarify I have gotten canker sores since I was a child, but never in this consistency and duration. There has been no underlying illness found (ie: HIV or herpes), so my guess is that it's stress causing them along with maybe some changes that need to be made in my diet. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to suggestion. Be well and have a good life...
—Guest Johnny

Stressful times

My canker sores come almost always at stressful times. During college it was around finals. Through law school it was pretty much all the time, not just during finals. I am studying for the bar right now and have a dime-sized one in the back of my mouth and two small ones under my tongue. I don't get them on a consistent basis, but when I get them, they are severe. But they are almost always associated with stress for me.
—Guest Ryan


Ouch, I currently have one and I read Amy's response I am currently on my period and I got one so maybe that's it. I get them once a month I don't know how to cure it
—Guest haley

Once a month

I usually get an outbreak once a month or around every three weeks! Theirs always at least 4 of them and their big.... I usually get a large amount of small ones on my lip and then one really large one on my gum!! It really hurts they take about 2 weeks to heel so most of the time I have cankers in my mouth
—Guest Emma

Every Few Months

I will get an outbreak of around 4-6 every few months. They hurt so bad I can hardly eat or talk. I usually pit orajel on them to numb the pain while I eat, or if they start to be very painful.
—Guest Bobbi

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