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Readers Respond: How Often Do You Get Canker Sores?

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Updated August 30, 2009

How often do you get canker sores?

If you have never had a canker sore, consider yourself lucky. For some of us, canker sores develop only a handful of time a year. On the other hand, there are people that suffer from frequent canker sore outbreaks; sometimes one or two outbreaks a month.

Share how often you get canker sores with readers like yourself that may be looking for information on canker sores.

Try Prescription brand name: "Oralone"

Hello. I suffer with canker sores and my dentist said they are due to stress. I finally found relief in a prescription medication with the brand name "Oralone" and the generic name "Triamcinolone." It is a paste that is applied to the canker sores. I apply it before bed and in the morning I find that the redness and pain is greatly reduced. I've also found that applying hydrogen perxoide to the sore using a cotton swab also helps. My dentist said I could also try rinsing with a solution of table salt and water but I think that would sting!
—Guest N


Omg I had a canker sore and it went away but I was talking to my doctor about it and then the next day I got one.. in the same spot!!! But I use Kanka (Medicine) To get rid of it..It numbs it..
—Guest Colette

Monthly Lately

I've suffered from these most of my life since childhood and am now in my 40's. Stress and my monthly cycle have always seemed to be the triggers and I would have only one at a time usually a couple of times per year. Lately, though, it's been every month, I'm getting them on my tongue (never happened before) and they are coming in crops of 5-6 at a time. I'm miserable! They are so excruciatingly painful. I'm going to try to toothpaste without SLS idea and maybe also the Omega-3 supplement and mouthwash with lidocaine. Hopefully something works!
—Guest Shannon

AFTER the stress

I get them when I'm stressed, but its usually after the stressful event is over. In school, it was when finals were over, so I always had them just in time for the holiday food :( Now it's when I'm under a deadline to get something done. I have 6 right now. I drank orange juice tonight and it seemed to make it A LOT worse, so I don't think acid helps! Chocolate also makes them hurt more, so I think diet can affect it too. I used to use a toothpaste called Rembrandt that was specifically for people prone to canker sores, but I haven't seen it on shelves for a long time. I think having a clean mouth helps, but it hurts so bad to brush my teeth. L-Lysine works for prevention but not once they're broken out. So I use the over-the-counter pain relief stuff but it only lasts for about 5 minutes at a time. I'm in so much pain. This stinks :(
—Guest minime


I had one at age 16 that was very sore. My mom tried everything and she call a lady down the road and she was in her 70's and she told my mom to use pure black molasses put it on the canker sore or two mins then spilt it out and rinse your mouth and she said it will be gone in less then 24 hours. And in less then 24 hours it was gone and no pain and no sign of it. And now I use this cure when I get one but I have not had one in about 10 years.
—Guest nd

1-2 monthly

I've had them since childhood and it runs in the family as my mother has them and my grandmother had them. Over the course of my life I've managed to identify certain things that cause them: - SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) in toothpastes - Acids (lemons, oranges) - Acids with sugar (sour candy and such) - Stress - Not enough physical activity (sedentary lifestyle) I tried a home remedy against cough a few days ago that involved lemon, and what do ya know, I have a canker sore on the side of my lip... Right now I'm taking B12 supplements as I read that it might help. Also, trying chamomile tea. Hang in there people.
—Guest Stanley

1-2 Times A Month

I started getting canker sores as a child, and I've yet to find a treatment that works effectively. In fact, I think that the more I use a medicine or salve to treat the sore, the faster it becomes immune and unaffected by the treatment. My dentist in Arlington, Texas said that maybe it was brought on by stress or diet.
—Guest Afflicted

How Often Do You Get Canker Sores?

After I had my second child, my iron was low so got lots of canker sores. A nurse told me to use milk of magnesia mixed with Benadryl. Swish it around in your mouth but don't swallow. Numbs the pain and helps with healing.
—Guest linz

Canker sores 3-4 outbreaks a month

Since I quit smoking (a year ago) I get multiple sores on tip, top and sides of my tongue. I didn't start getting the sores until I was completely off Chantix. It hurts so bad when I talk, eat, anything. When I have a new crop, it sounds like I have a speech impediment, as I try to avoid those areas on my tongue. Tried OTC and Natural topical remedies. Tried supplements that are mentioned on all the Internet forums. I have not found anything that helps. They just keep coming, please keep sharing more info in case there is something I haven't tried.
—Guest BJS

Good resource

I get ulcers in clusters a lot of the time, 2-3 is normal. For me they seem to appear after I've drunk something acidic, wine and beer seem to be regular culprits. Using an organic toothpaste w/ baking soda has seemed to really help diminish occurrence. The most immediate relief I've gotten has come by cauterizing the area, but the agent is only available from a dental or medical professional (I had a friend who's dad was a doctor).

Mouth sore cure

I used to get them all the time and found Arm & Hammer Peroxi-Care Toothpaste. They have been gone for two months. The Toothpaste tastes terrible but it works.
—Guest Robert

Always had them

I always used to get them as a kid, from probably teens to early 20s. They stopped at some point, for the most part, but I don't know why. Maybe I grew out of them? Like many I used to get one after biting my tongue or cheek, then I KNEW they would come one after another (sometimes more than one at the same time) for about 2 weeks until I ran a cycle, then they would vanish. I swear that one entire year when I was about 15, I went the entire time with about 2 weeks being canker-free. That sucked! Up until this year, when the allergy season hit what appears to be an all-time horrible season (quite possibly I have heard the worst of my entire 34 year long lifetime) I had been pretty canker-free. Once in a while I would get one, but they would not reoccur. It seems the allergy season may have brought them back a bit. I use Zilactin-B, which stings like fire but creates a coating that lasts for a short while. I tried Canker-X today -- seems to work well so far without sting
—Guest Jason

Canker Sore - The Canker Spanker

I have found great luck using The Canker Spanker for canker relief!! Highly recommended!!
—Guest Lucy

Like a migraine

I have one on that flap of skin that connects the inside of my upper lip to my gum between my top two teeth. I am in so much pain. My husband told me I look different because apparently I'm unconsciously holding my upper mouth frozen so I don't move around the wound. I am miserable.
—Guest Sarah


I have noticed lately that I am getting them more often when I am stressing over something. I have tried every home remedy and over-the-counter medication, and nothing seems to work. Most recently I had three sores that developed close together and now the inside of my lip is scarred. It seems like one goes away and as soon as it heels, another has developed. I can't stand it! Unfortunately I talk for a living making a greater problem for me. Any of your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Take care.
—Guest MJ
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