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Readers Respond: You Know It's Time to Replace Your Toothbrush When...

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Updated August 15, 2009

How often do you replace your toothbrush? Your dentist will tell you to replace it every three months, or as soon as you see the bristles bending and becoming worn. Considering most people only spend about four minutes a day with their toothbrush, remembering to replacing your toothbrush is, at times, forgotten. Eventually, something will prompt you to replace your toothbrush, right? Share how you are reminded to replace your toothbrush.

Replacement of toothbrush

It is essential when bristles are warped... or manufacturer needs donation!!
—Guest Julia Gillard

I replace my toothbrush...

every 2 days...Because my bristles fray!!! Is this normal??? I need help! I am not joking!!!
—Guest Jenna

I never replace..........

........my toothbrush because I don't brush my teeth. Ha, now whad'dya say????
—Guest George W. Bush Jr.

I forget...

To replace it every three months, I usually just do it when I see other people do it...
—Guest Me

Must record it

So busy these days, hard to remember, so I record replacement date on a note inside my medicine cabinet and check it frequently. Now if we can only take away the boring aspect of it all...
—Guest Louise Ann


When my DOG refuse's to brush with it! Then jumps up on the couch with a tooth pick in the corner of his mouth...........
—Guest John

I replace my toothbrush

Whenever they are on special offer at the supermarket so around once a mouth. Oral hygiene is important!
—Guest Jess

after 3 months

Yes after 3 months I do replace my toothbrush..only this time when I knew when to replace it
—Guest joy socorro

Every 3 months

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. A toothbrush that is left for more than 3 months greatly reduces plaque removal.
—Guest Ha

I replace my toothbrush when...

it does not feel as soft as it did before, like every 3 months.
—Guest Rebecca

IF you have an electric toothbrush...

Replace the heads once every three months as the head action is wears away after a few months and you don't get the same level of plaque removal. Source: Experience http://www.VanNuysVictoryDental.com
—Guest Dr Gabbay

Replace Your Toothbrush- Anually

Most of us know when a toothbrush is worn out- Duh. But what about in between? After 3 months, soak in hydrogen peroxide, after 6, use the dishwasher, 9 months back to H2O2, 12 months, toss.
—Guest hughwalker

I replace my toothbrush when...

I replace my toothbrush when it stops looking like a toothbrush and more like an old, frayed broom!
—Guest Kenneth Kowalsky
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