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Readers Respond: Do You Know What Causes Your Canker Sores?

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Updated September 03, 2009


I had canker sores for a year..tried everything..then my doc told me to stop eating chillies..and now its a lot lot better
—Guest nm

A regular guest for me since I was teen

As most of you have noted I have also been getting this ever since I was young. I've tried so many different things to stop but nothing seems to be giving a permanent fix. I tried this toothpaste by Rembrandt (you can find this in Amazon) and I did not get one for 4-5 months (one of my longest stretch w/o this little devil) but now it's same old story. I have tried gel, covers, tablets but not much of a help because every time I get this, it's like it takes about a week or so before it will go anyway. If there is any cure to it, please share!!!
—Guest Vinoth


I am not real sure. I wear braces and heard it may be the type of toothpaste I am currently using.
—Guest Katie Pendergast

Sores instead of a cold

I have had episodes of canker sores since my youth. I am now 60 and still suffer from them occasionally. I have been using Squigle Toothpaste and eliminated peanuts from my diet which has reduced the number of episodes considerably. Now I notice that they occur when I am about to catch a cold. Instead of the cold, I get canker sores. Haven't determined which is worse as this last episode was so painful, my mouth and head ached and my teeth were very sensitive. This is also the first time I just stopped eating and drinking anything because the pain has been horrible. I take ibuprofen for the pain (800mg). My story is very similar to Tamik's.

SLS Toothpaste and Chocolate

I got canker sores every month since I was an adolescent. Usually I get one, and as it peaks, another one is just starting to appear. After 2 or 3, they'll cease for a short period. I have been experimenting with diet and allergens and can pinpoint that toothpaste with Sodium Laurel Sulfate usually triggers a response. Reasonably sure that chocolate has the same effect. I only have chocolate once or twice a year now, and a canker sore usually appears 2 days later. I'm sure stress is a factor, but unless the human condition abates, that factor is probably not going anywhere.
—Guest Canker Cat Redux

Spoke with a pharmacist

I have suffered from repeated canker sores from a young age. I am going through a particularily stressful time (fiance and I both have surgeries) and they are completely out of hand. I spoke with the pharmacist at the hospital and she said to take a complex B vitamin with folic acid and vitamin C. They have a great, affordable vitamin at Kaiser pharmacies. I am starting them today, hopefully they work!
—Guest Amy

OMG make this pain stop

I've had canker sores my whole life, but nothing like I have had in the past year. I became a vegetarian about two years ago, but I take a vitamin to make sure I get all the things I need. I don't know if its stress or age or because I'm a vegetarian. I had blood work done and everything looked fine. He said "Go hit the internet, and let me know what you find." I started drinking a lot of water in the hopes that it would help, but the only time it stopped was over the summer when I didn't run my usual 4 miles every other day. I don't know what to do, I've even tried that Canker Cure, but I don't think it really works. If anyone knows how to cure it or the cause, post it, thanks.
—Guest dawn

Every month

I have them. I get them on my tongue, under my tongue, front and back of my mouth. I have no clue what causes them. I am 37 and I have had them since around 12. The only time I have ever experienced relief from them is when I use to smoke. I weighed my options and decided lung cancer would be worse BUT there are days that I wonder. Canker sores are a guarantee for me.........lung cancer is a maybe. This is truly truly a miserable thing to suffer with.
—Guest Michelle


So Ive just had my wisdom teeth removed and I'm on penicillin, oxycodone, and IBUprofen. Also I cant eat anything solid therefore Ive been eating soup, ice cream and tons of yogurt. I usually get a canker sore once a month in random places but I have them all over my tongue and cheeks..this has to be a reaction to the antibiotics so be ware and get ready if you are to be put on any medication!
—Guest georgie

Canker Sores

I have CLL (Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia) and my doctor gives me a mixture of Lidocane/benidryll/maalox and also a antiviral pill. I hope this helps.
—Guest Jeff

It's a killer

From a teen growing up, I have suffered with canker sore's. I'm now 28. I often gets them when am going through stress or heavy alcohol drinking. They go and come every other month, these pain really hurt, can eat, sleep or talk. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to heal, when I go to the doctor all they do is prescribe a treatment to help heal the sores. The best thing i can do is pray an ask GOD to get me out of this. I really want to know if there is a medical cure for this sickness.
—Guest hit n run

plums, peaches, stress

Plums, peaches, stress are three things that give me a canker sore.
—Guest Joe

Tooth Paste and Strawberries

Well, one thing funny is right now i got one and i got it from Tooth paste strawberries and chocolate all at once and got it gargling saltwater putting 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a cup and put drips of water in it till its pastry looking use finger or a ear cleaner the cotton sticks and put it on the little sucker and it will feel better or buy some mouthwash CHEAP RECOMMENDED. that is basically what you should do daily. the best way is to go to a dentist or doctor whatever, and let them take care of it. good luck and get well :P
—Guest Cody


I get them every time we go on vacation or when my in laws come over. It makes my teeth feel like they have tooth picks jammed in between and I have been punched in the nose. Cant kiss, talk or eat. Close to the pain of an abscess tooth.
—Guest guest Canker cat


Well, I tend to have a habit of accidentally biting my gums (Inside of my lip) when I'm eating or talking, or whatever. Whenever I do this, it creates a little cut, and I guess I get bacteria in it, and it cause a canker sore.
—Guest Ashley
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