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Readers Respond: Do You Know What Causes Your Canker Sores?

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Updated September 03, 2009

From the article: What Causes Canker Sores?

Do you know what causes your canker sores?

Many people are unaware of what causes their canker sore outbreaks, but for some people, the cause of their canker sores is very well known.

Will eating that orange result in a canker sore outbreak, or will tomorrow's stressful meeting punish you with a painful canker sore? If you know what causes your canker sores, share your stories with readers who might be looking for answers to what might be causing their canker sore outbreaks.

Little bit of everythine

I too have had canker sores my entire life. My mom, and 2nd my siblings and I so that's where genetics come in. There is a natural pill called lysine that prevents them but u have to take it on before you break out. Lysine is an amino acid. I've also used biotene rinse, milk of magnesia on Qtip and both releave pain but don't make it go away for awhile. Would love to find something that works and quickly. Fighting one now and it's no fun.
—Guest Teri

How to Prevent from Canker Sore Growing

Usually a canker sore is caused by a time where we damage a certain part of our gums or mouth tissue when we bite it, scrape it, hit it, etc. When you first realize you've damaged a certain point in your mouth, sprinkle a good amount of salt in that point right away. This can prevent from bacteria entering the damaged tissue in the mouth. Well this method is not painful and really works! If you just wait and say, oh well, IT WILL BECOME A CANKER SORE.
—Guest Han

Doctor's Response

I've had canker sores since I was about 7..and I'm 20 now, and still suffer from them every day. My doctor said it is a virus and I contracted it from someone else when i was younger. It has no cure..but he prescribed antibotics...and that might help me to get it less frequently. I hope it has some effect, because it is a very painful thing to suffer from
—Guest Natalie

Canker Causes

I have had painful mouth ulcers from time to time, since childhood. It runs in my family. I get a few per year, on average, and it is usually due to one of the following factors: injury to the mouth tissue, excess of vitamin c/citric acid, stress, menstrual cycle, having a cold, using SLS toothpaste. Any one or more of these causes ALWAYS coincides with me getting a canker sore. If I want them to go away quickly I place a pinch of salt directly on the sore and let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse. I do this twice a day until it's gone. It's excruciating pain for a minute, followed by relief and it heals in about half the time when I do this. If you don't want to try salt, Canker Covers can be purchased at any drug store and is a round disk that adheres to the sore and provides cooling relief and protection while the sore heals. These dissolve over the course of a day and the sore is pretty much healed over when the disc is completely dissolved. I highly recommend them.
—Guest Guest JoAnn

Biting PMSing

I've had canker sores for a long time. I'm 24 and suffer through at *least* one *every* month. Usually, if I bite myself it'll turn into a canker sore as well. I did some research and found that women who are susceptible to them can find that they tie to a Menstrual Cycle. This is true for me. If I don't bite myself first (I believe I have a nasty deep overbite, but have not had the chance to fix this) then a sore will just automatically start growing somewhere. It happens about 1-2 weeks before my Period. Sometimes it replaces my pimple break outs.. Women who are pregnant notice that their sores don't surface throughout the pregnancy cycle. It seems to be true as I asked my cousin if she ever noticed that her sores come near her Period. When she was pregnant I asked if they never came. Both answers were 'Yeah, you're right!'
—Guest Amy S

Switched to Biotene toothpaste

I have suffered from mouth ulcers for most of my life, and over the past year I've been using non-SLS toothpaste (biotene is one brand) and I haven't had any for months. Then I ran out of it and had to use my wife's regular toothpaste, and within 3 days I got a sore. while I can't say switching toothpaste will work for everyone, it's been a lifesaver for me.
—Guest Matt


My dentist says it is stress related. He has seen many patients over the years who get outbreaks of canker sores during stressful times in their lives. For me, I always get them during exam time. The best relief I've found is a prescription medication that goes under the brand name "Oralone" and the generic name "Triamcinolone 0.1% Paste." The best inexpensive relief I've found is applying hydrogen peroxide to the canker sore using a cotton swab multiple times daily.
—Guest N

Narcolesy and Canker Sores

I'm 26 now and I have gotten canker sores since high school. I found one thing that makes them heal more quickly and helps them stop hurting if you treat them fairly early. It's called "Orabase Soothe N' Seal" and works kind of like super glue or "New Skin" only for your mouth. Can be hard to find but works VERY well for me. I bought a bunch off ebay and have tried everything else out there. This is the only thing that helps at all for me. I get sores from stress and hormone changes. I think also when I am getting sick too and with any kind of injury to my mouth like bitng my lip. My face will break out with acne and I get multiple sores in my mouth that can last up to 2 1/2 weeks. I have never had a great immune system so I've always related it to that and hormones.
—Guest Misty Dawn


I just got a canker sore on the side of my cheek and it hurt when I talk or eat! Well, one time I was about to get one so I drank a big cup of water at night and the next morning it was gone! Hope this helps!
—Guest Stephanie


I've never had a canker sore my entire life - 63 years. But since I've had two injections of Enbril for arthritis treatment, I've had a sore on the tip of my tongue and a nasty canker sore inside my bottom lip. Has anyone else experienced this?
—Guest Marcia

canker soar rinse...

My grandson's Dr suggested he rinse his mouth with equal parts liquid benadryl and malox. It has helped.
—Guest Carolyn

canker sores

If you have an ongoing problem with canker sores, you really should get checked out by a dr. to rule out serious issues. My daughter has crohn's disease, and canker sores are one of her most serious symptoms. They are extreme, and went on for almost a year before they figured out that they are directly related to her autoimmune disease. Behcet's is another condition that should be considered. These sores really are miserable, especially if they are severe. My daughter looked like she had grapes inside of her lips, and was in so much pain she could not eat, drink, or talk. She was miserable. Getting her disease under control with immunosuppressives helped her regain her life. Stress is also a contributor, but for your own good, make sure you rule out the serious stuff.

Hehe Chips.

I eat too many chips, and sometimes don't even drink water.
—Guest Andreanna

Worth a try

My theory is overactive immune system, Im a control for immune function at my lab and I am the highest we ever see. I stay away from citruses but oddly enough I put apple cigar vinegar on a new canker sore, if I catch it soon enough I can stop it. This has helped me.
—Guest Elizabeth

Canker sores from acids.

I have had them all my life and now at the ripe age of 57 I still believe that they are brought on by acid. Everytime I eat tomatoes, red sauses made with tomatoes or fruits with citric acids. Haven't found a cure so far. Just ride it out for a week to two weeks.
—Guest jack betts
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