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Readers Respond: Are You Happy With Your Dentures?

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Updated July 31, 2009

Dentures are prescribed for many reasons. Sometimes, they are prescribed as the only option necessary to restore the ability to eat and talk comfortably.

When most people hear the word "dentures," the first thing that crosses their mind is how uncomfortable and bothersome they are. I want to hear from you: Are you happy with your dentures? Are they comfortable or unbearable? Was getting dentures a mistake, or the best decision you made regarding your oral health? Share your love/hate stories about your dentures with readers looking for answers to the question: Are you happy with your dentures?

I hate my dentures

I have to use heavy paste over two times a day and My dentists wont do anything. Saliva is so thick that I choke. I can't chew my food to painful on my gums.
—Guest Diana

Not happy at all

Worst mistake I ever made was the decision to go with an upper denture. Even after the final lining was done they still do not fit right, and the dentist refuses to fix them. He says I will have to pay for a new set of dentures if I want them corrected. I am single and have not went out for over a year now due to my confidence being stolen by my horrible decision to go with dentures. I should have kept my "sticks and stumps" at least it was me.
—Guest Jeff

Not what I was promised!

When I had my upper teeth pulled, I was given a set of temporary teeth. I have no idea what guide they used to make them, but they didn't look anything like my real teeth (caps). I asked if the permanent ones would look the same and was told "yes". I then went to a specialist. I told him I hated the temps and wanted teeth that looked like my originals. He tried them on me right after I had my bottom teeth "deep cleaned". I told him I wanted to come back when I could talk and smile (Novocaine). I went back a couple weeks later and told the assistant "I hope these are good because I'm tired of the temps. She said "They better be, these are your teeth". I got a set of teeth that look the same. I was told that I would have a pair to wear home and ask my friends and family's thoughts. The only improvement is that he made them start higher along the gum line. I'm going back tomorrow, but now I'm afraid he'll make me look like Mr. Ed.
—Guest susann

smileless and depressed

I have an upper denture that has never felt comfortable nor fit right. I'm very unsatisfied with my dentist have lost trust and hope with him. I've been told implants to expensive and so are better made dentures. Divorced and to ashamed to smile, can't even think about going out to meet people till I can find my smile once again. HELP HELP HELP ME FIND MY SMILE
—Guest Marty Kamiyama

7 top Plates in 2 years

I suffer daily from the ill fitting dentures and they are # 2 set relined recently by a woman that charged me $240.00 for a less then hour reline. Number 7 had been hurting me so bad that I had been switching back and forth with one of two other sets. Yes I have 3 top plates that don't fit. The others were taken back when I got another remade at the dental clinics. (I could not afford to get them done at the regular dentists) both my husband and myself had surgery and multiple medical bills. They pinch and hurt but I keep them in most of the day as I cannot be seen without them. I also have burping in the evenings leading to elevated blood pressure that I believe is caused by the poor fitting dentures. I desperately need help. As do so many others I have met many along the way. I wrote to the denture pro also and pray I get an answer to finding help soon. This is a national or really a worldwide problem I am sure but that doesn't make it any easier to bear the pain.
—Guest Ellen

denture dementia

I do have dentures. Have done so since 18 yr old due to ill health. I hate it! Now, at 68, I am living with ill fitting dentures because the dentist says I have no gum left, I am embarrassed. And because I sing I am trying to work out the next move. Any ideas anyone?

happiness in dentures

I'm on my fourth set of dentures in forty plus years. Newest ones are only a month old. A good dentist can fix almost any problem, but a real denturist can create perfect dentures. Am I happy? Yep! No pain, no embarrassing missing teeth when I smile.
—Guest qsabe

great fit

I just got a new top denture and it fits perfectly. My dentist used some kind of gook on my old denture before doing the imprint and he swears by it and i think he's right.
—Guest Claire


I have an upper denture that does not fit correctly. I've never had lower denture's. I miss being able to smile in picture's. I miss food's that are crunchy. I feel like my face is being sucked into the back of my head.
—Guest Cheryl

Toothless Happy

Why would I not be happy with dentures? No more pain, no more distorted teeth and just no problems. I'll take a little loose denture condition to the old pain I had. Why I didn't do this years ago I'll never know. I know have a smile and no pains at all.
—Guest JRH

bad dentures

New dentures 5 yrs ago & still wear the old ones because of pain & how they look.
—Guest arlene


I hate wearing my dentures so much, I lost all my self confidence -- and that bad don't want to go out or socialize no more. The worse is the palate taking up most of mouth space help
—Guest Diane

Hate bottom dentures

I have had my dentures for only 3 and half months, they do not look or feel right. It feels like I have a mouth full of marbles and my right side does not stay on, even when I use fixodent or poligrip. I have tried the strips, the glue and the powder. If I took a picture of them, you would understand. I hate them, and I am ashamed that I spent one thousand five hundred dollars on something that is useless. And cash was paid no insurance. The denist won't listen to me, because they are bottoms and says it takes getting use to. But tell me should the fixodent melt away after on hours or so, when all you do is drink. It is sad that some dentist worry more about they money then the patient.
—Guest Deb


I am on social security dis. pay a low price for dentures for the first time about three years ago have not been able to wear them. When I talk, they fall out. Forget trying to eat with them. I would give anything to be able to have teeth -- it is so terrible to not have teeth. But worse thing is to try to wear them and have them fall out when I talk, even with stuff to kept them tight. I have used everything. It is so embarrassing I can not drink eat or talk with them.

Not happy

If you wear dentures and are suffering from neuropathy, or know someone who wears dentures and have seen a steady decline in neurological function, it is likely the result of zinc poisoning from Fixodent denture adhesive. This product is likely to be found in the medicine cabinet of any denture wearer. Please review this Web site for your options on upholding your rights as an important deadline approaches in this case: http://fixodent-lawsuit.com/about-the-firm.html
—Guest Denture cream

denture "happines"

No, I am not happy. They turn yellow in about 4-5 years and then black plaque develops at the gum line and yes I do brush and use efferdent tablets. It is unsightly and embarrassing as it looks terrible but I do not have money to get new dentures so I am stuck with it. They are loose and food gets under them causing me to use unsightly manners to get the food out from under the plates so that I can continue to eat without pain.
—Guest Jan
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