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Readers Respond: Your Wisdom Teeth Removal - No Big Deal or a Complete Nightmare?

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Updated May 18, 2009

From the article: Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extractions are a common practice in dentistry -- just another day at the office for most dentists. Ask a patient about his or her wisdom teeth removal and chances are the story you hear will sound more like a nightmare than a trip to see the dentist.

What was your wisdom teeth removal like? Was it a piece of cake or more reminiscent of a horror film? Was your recovery quick and painless or slow and agonizing? Share your wisdom teeth removal stories here to help prepare others for what's to come.

Not as scary as I thought!

I had frequent cheek bites because my upper wisdom tooth came out slant. I have consulted two dentists and both of them said that the upper wisdom tooth has to be removed. I was scared to death but I did opt for removal because I could eat with those cheek bites. The spray that the dentist used before injecting local anesthesia was 'yuck'. Then she gave two shots, one on the gums and the other on the rood, the latter one ached. Tremendous pressure was applied and my upper tooth was pulled out in 2 to 3 mins. Voila! Its done. Its 5 hours that my tooth was removed, I am on pain killers and it doesnt hurt too much expect for a strange sensation and bleeding in your mouth. But I did hear that removal of upper wisdom tooth is relatively easy and less painful compared to the lower ones! I was lucky!
—Guest Angel


im getting all 4 wisdom teeth out soon and im really scared... it already hurts a lot just having them come in... help!
—Guest Nicole

Worst pain of my life!

I just got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and let me tell you, the procedure was a NIGHTMARE. My top teeth were easy to extract, and relatively painless... aside from the extreme pressure. It's important to note that was not sedated with laughing gas. I only received numbing injections, which did not numb my entire mouth. The bottom teeth were very difficult for my dentist to remove, it took him one and a half hours on the bottom two alone. The pressure and yanking definitely hurt during the procedure. I bled a while lot, and both teeth broke and had to be removed in shards. While stitching my sockets, my dentist accidentally stabbed my lip with the soucher needle. After the procedure I needed to vomit because of the pain, but managed to stop myself with sheer willpower. My mouth feels like a mack truck smacked into it, and for some reason or another my throat feels like somebody poured battery acid down in. I've had a tonsillectomy, appendectomy, tubes in my ears - this is the worst :(
—Guest Brett

Wisdome tooth

I'm 29. I got my top wisdom pulled and it didn't hurt. I'm still numb and I'm not bleeding much. My jaw hurts... normal thing I will be eating later. The dentist is 81 yrs old and he is fantastic! My tooth was cracked bad and it hurt a lot.
—Guest Eyra

Wisdom tooth

I got wisdome left side pulled top one and its a big big tooth really dificult to pull..it didn't hurt, its not bleedin much but its bad to have to hear your tooth crack not good as well as your jaw gets a little hurt to my advice get put to sleep
—Guest Lady..E

Still in pain after nearly five days

I just went to the dentist and had my two left ones removed. My face isn't swollen but where the teeth were removed is so sore!!! It feels like it's never going to heal! I have to take painkillers every couple of hours that make me drowsy and that's the only way I can eat or sleep.
—Guest Monica


I am 18 years old and the oral surgeon took out 3 wisdom teeth and one molar due to decay. I had laughing gas and right after they put it on I fell right asleep. When the procedure was over I just wanted to sleep. I couldn't eat for two days and my mouth tasted like blood for about 2 days. I slept more than I ever thought I could. And the 4th day I woke up with the worst throbbing I had ever had in my tooth which went up and gave me a headache and earache.
—Guest janis

No Big Deal

Had a wisdom tooth extraction earlier today and it wasn't bad. A few shots in the gum (no pain at all) and a few shots in the roof of my mouth (which hurt a little - like a pinch) and all numbed up in 15 minutes. The dentist came in and 5 minutes later the tooth was out with no pain at all. I didn't even realize it was done. Right now, I had a little bit of discomfort (kinda like a toothache) but still haven't had to take any pain meds. Even had some dinner earlier . After this experience, I don't think I'll have a problem when the other wisdom tooth comes out. It's not as bad as you think.
—Guest Natalie

A lengthy healing process

I'm a 29-year old man approaching his 30th birthday in a few months. I had one wisdom tooth removed on the bottom right side. Two days later I woke up feeling enormous cracking, throbbing, burning and pinching sensations. Turned out I had dry socket. Five days after this (exactly one week after surgery) I went to the dentist to treat the pain, and he gave me a packing material used to provide instant relief. It worked but... a week later I had to get it removed, and then, one hour later, I get home and experience that the pain came back stronger than ever (painful cracking sensations behind ear, temple, jaw, etc). So two weeks after surgery, now I'm waking up feeling strong bruising and throbbing feelings that require me to immediately take some Motrin to relieve the pain. I've never had to deal with pain this persistently aggravating in all my life. I'm hoping this is the final step of the pain ordeal because after two weeks, I've honestly had enough!

Pain pain go away!

I only needed one out and opted for the chair with IV sedation and local anesthetic. The op I was conscious, but don't remember a thing, that was the easy part. Almost a week later and I still have lots of pain, swelling (which began on day 2) still eating mostly liquids or soft foods like fish and pasta. A bit of puss oozing out and almost finished my penicillin. Will be going back for a check-up tomorrow and am hoping the pain will go away and my speech will return to normal asap! The stitches are digging into me, there is a bit of bruising on my jaw line, my tongue hurts, the inside of my mouth is swollen and sore. I thought, one tooth, no problem, but I was wrong!
—Guest Hannah

Worst Expererience of my Life. EVER!!!!!

I am an otherwise health 21-year-old female. Went into this thinking "No big deal" because I've had a lot of work on my teeth in the past. For two weeks I was in the worst pain of my life. Four weeks in the pain was still there, so they prescribed penicillin, one week later they prescribed clindamycin, and one week after that I had to go in for surgery AGAIN to clean out the infection--where they found remaining jaw fragments left over--this was all on my left lower side, even though I had all four removed. My right lower site has still not healed (open hole). So two open sites 8 weeks later and still pain. oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention the most disgusting thing ever. I now have THRUSH because of the antibiotics that didn't even treat me. So i'm also taking nystatin. This procedure was easily one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
—Guest Kim

Don't Worry About it

I just had my widom teeth removed all 4 of them. Im 17, a senior in high school and cant afford to miss school. I went in on a Friday had an Iv drip to knock me the surgery was over in 20 minutes. And that night I had pancakes and egges. This is honestly no big deal just take your pain pills, relax, and it will be fine. In three days I went from surgery to back in school and going to workout honestly it was eaiser and less painful than having my 4 normal adult teeth pulled out back in JR High.
—Guest guest will

Easy and painless

I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. I was not sedated but did receive general anesthesia injections. It took my dentist approx. 15 minutes to pull all 4, and I was able to go to work immediately afterwards. I have taken NO pain medications. I feel as wonderful now as I did before having the teeth removed. EASY AND PAINLESS!!! NO BIG DELA AT ALL!!!
—Guest Guest

Hell? Yeah it was.

5 days ago I went through hell. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out. I had an iv. so I was out of it completely. I remember nothing during but after the surgery everything started going wrong. I was prescribed hydrocodone and ibuprofen. The medication did nothing to help my pain go away. My cheeks are swollen and I can barely open my mouth. I have bruises on my cheeks and under my eyes. All I've ate was chocolate pudding mashed potatoes and tomato soup. It's been rough and I'm still having trouble sleeping and I have school in the morning. This has been hell and I'm still in pain. I'm glad I never have to go through this again.
—Guest Valerie

A huge deal

I had four wisdom teeth removed two days ago and it is horrible. They bleed for 8 hours after and my face has swollen up so I cant close my mouth. I'm so so hungry but I cant eat and its hard to swallow. I feel sick and cant leave the house, this is probably the worst pain and discomfort of my life because I cant eat I feel faint, its a nightmare.
—Guest claire b
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